Design Revision

Often there is urgent need to strengthen a team of specialists in order to meet a deadline or we need a series of actions to debug a project in its final phase.

In these cases, it becomes very useful and determinant an external support which is fast and effective.

The considerable experience and the wide variety of skills, allows us to offer a high quality of service and responsiveness that historically has always allowed the achievement of performance targets in all those cases in which the product design was hampered by several operating factors.



Usually a review activities are scheduled through some classic operating steps, such as:


  • Analysis of the electric diagram and netlist verification
  • BOM check
  • PCB layout verification and optimization
  • Experimental measurements
  • Conception and implementation of hardware modifications
  • Detection and elimination of firmware bugs
  • Final performances verification
  • Bug-Fix report writing


In any case the effective revision phases are discussed and balanced, in their complexity, with the customer.