The design for the automotive industry complies with the requirements of the most important domestic and foreign manufacturers.

All specifications are analyzed and verified compliance with the regulations in force in the various countries.

The technologies supported include high-speed digital circuits, all types of RFIC and all kinds of communication, wired, wireless and optical.

They are made all levels of the project, from the sample (A0) up to the production level (Dx).

Where appropriate, are signed NDA with the manufacturers of electronic devices in order to use state of the art chipset not released in the market; in this way it is possible to realize complete development platforms.

There are many applications, are listed just a few main categories:


  • satellite tracking and navigation systems (all standards)
  • receiver analogue and digital radiosystems (AM, FM, DAB, HD Radio)
  • advanced audio-video players
  • wireless connections for each type of standard protocol and up to 6.5 GHz
  • advanced Car Access Systems (passive and active KeyLess Entry systems)
  • short-and long-range remote controls up to 5 GHz
  • Smartphone wireless interface (WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC)
  • sensor circuits of all kinds for interior, exterior environment and the engine bay
  • communication interfaces LIN, J1850, CAN, TTP, MOST, D2B, Byteflight, etc..
  • distribution of video signals and screens control
  • diagnostic systems for electronic control unit test benches