Application Smart

The widespread use of Tablet and Smartphone suggests the use of these devices as well as the means of user interfacing to other systems.

The creation of mobile applications is supported for the most popular operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows Mobile and Windows Phone.

The achievable App are varied and almost always aimed at the remote management of devices connected to the Internet or local connections.

In addition, using these devices, there are many resources available hardware, such as GPS, monitor, camera, playback capability and management of multimedia files, etc..

Connectivity standards are usually Bluetooth, WiFi, Infra Red, NFC and the data connection in all its variants.

App can be made of any type, also taking advantage of some security features such as fingerprint recognition and data encryption.



Android App

The Android platform is the undisputed leader in terms of the number of devices sold, which is why the Android App are more attractive in terms of compatibility and spread to millions of users.

In general, for these devices is required a careful selection of the functions to be implemented according to the particular models chosen.

The App can be deployed and updated through the dedicated portals, such as Google Store.




Apple App

In general, the development of App for the Apple brand is more expensive than the others, due to the policies of the Head Office.

The Apple World, in addition to the continuing trend of technological innovation, offers a wider guarantee of stability of the software and hardware.

The App can be deployed and updated on the Apple Store portal.





Windows Phone & Mobile App

Windows Mobile and Windows Phone complete the landscape of popular operating systems.

However, these devices are more limited distribution, so it is recommended to identify all the devices on which you want to run the applications.

Also in this case the App can be deployed and updated through the dedicated portals.