Software Design

The design of any device is complete when both parts are made of hardware and the software.

They are supported all stages of development; low level and physical level, logical level and user application level.

For each level are selected different types of IDE, specialized for each application area.

Usually the logical development activities are started in parallel with the hardware design and in particular during the implementation of master PCBs and assemblies.
During this time focuses the development of firmware and start also developments of applications.

The writing of the source files is tracked during the entire course of the life cycle and each update is documented, reaching the release version.

Despite the intense debugging tasks carried out during the pre-series, sometimes it becomes necessary to develop some updates even after the marketing of the product.
Further improvements can be obtained using all the feed-back collected during operation of the device; for this reason, the developer support is extended for a certain period of time agreed with the customer appropriately.




256x256-fw  256x256-drivers  256x256-app  256x256-SW