The lighting sector is in full technological transformation from traditional lighting to LEDs that are in daily new applications; architectural lighting systems to those of primary lighting.

The current phase of transition is regularly followed and the technical design and implementation of the control devices is constantly updated and expanded with new ideas.

The design of the driver is always performed ad-hoc according to the particular specifications of integration required by each application.

Design and implementation of control circuits are continuously updated to support all new LED chip continually placed on the market.


The devices of interest are:


  • miniaturized AC/DC power supply with embedded micro PFC
  • control interfaces with standard and proprietary control (ie DALI, DMX)
  • remote controlled lighting modules with embedded power control
  • underwater lighting modules
  • civilian use and self-powered lighting modules (ie exploiting solar energy)
  • wireless powered LED modules
  • micro-modules for indoor installation
  • high power white and RGB LED modules