This phase usually begins in the design completed and can be conducted in parallel with the stages of development of the firmware and software, and leads to obtaining one or more test versions of the circuit.

The realization of PCBs and assemblies are managed through the support of selected partners and continuous and direct contact with the Studio; in this way it reaches quickly the bring-up of the project.

As a result, they can be carried out all the activities of testing and debugging of the circuit, such as hardware, firmware and software.

They can also be activated special procedures for the review of the entire project to achieve the status of pre-certification and finally certification, according to the reference standards and excellence.


Creation of Producion Files

On request they can be supplied with all the necessary files to the realization of prototypes and production.

BOM, GERBER files paginated according to specific needs, CAM files, rendering mechanical and complete workspaces.


Preparing the Prototype Circuits

The mountings of tests are made according to industrial methodology, ie with the same procedures as their series production.

The advanced technology of assembling ensure the realization of circuits with miniature components up to 0201 and micro-BGA package, checking quality through optical inspection and X-ray.

The stacks of PCBs are properly simulated and designed in accordance with the particular application and are an integral part of the entire design cycle.

In particular, are analyzed in detail the characteristics of impedance, dispersion parameters, environmental conditions, power density, mechanical density and signals compatibility.


Integration & Revision

Integration activities and revision take place efficiently and quickly.

These activities can be carried out both in place (at the Studio), either at the client or on the field, allowing the development of the project in all its levels.



Before the placing on the market, it is necessary to ensure electromagnetic compatibility, as well as any aspects of safety and suitability in general.

Tests can be supported through supervision during the entire course of specialized measures and any corrective actions and review of the project and prototypes.

Where appropriate, all steps related to the certifications can be performed autonomously, providing the customer with all the technical reports of the results achieved.


Mechanical Concept & 3D-Rendering

The study of a concept or a mechanical solution are usually an integral part for the realization of a finished product.

For several years, these tasks are handled through collaboration with design professionals and mechanical engineers, providing a manufacturing process of the highest quality and efficiency.

The activities include the study of design, 3D rendering, video editing and preparation of any presentations.
In addition, all mechanical tables are prepared for the construction of molds and for the setting of the final assembly.

350x144-logo global nextThe choice of partners is of paramount importance and contributes to the quality of the construction of the entire project. All assembly steps, starting from the reflow process until final packaging and testing are performed using the latest technologies and certificasione according to ISO 9001.