In the field of security and surveillance quality is built by two essential factors: the robustness of the hardware and software of the devices that make up the system.

The robustness is obtained realizing hardware circuits capable of operation in case of wide thermal excursions (for example in outdoor installations) and able to withstand intense electrical and electromagnetic interference (for example close to high voltage pylons, radio-TV and atmospheric phenomena).

As is well known, a good hardware project must be completed by an excellent firmware and software.

In devices of wireless security, the design, the realization and the development of appropriate communication protocols contains 50% of the quality of a plant and usually the algorithms of transmitting and receiving of radio data is proprietary (not standard).

Is very important that any device is designed in detail by supporting all phases of development, from concept, hardware, and firmware.

Also in this sector are numerous use cases, such as:


  • wireless sensors for doors and windows
  • stand-alone PIR and Microwave sensors
  • bidirectional remote controls
  • sensori stand-alone PIR e a microonde
  • telecomandi bidirezionali
  • devices of any kind (ie sirens, central expansions)
  • radio stations
  • smartphone and tablet interfacing
  • remote control from PC
  • audio/video management and routing
  • stand-alone audio/video wireless sensors
  • face recognition
  • fingerprint and voice recognition
  • voice synthesi embedded modules with
  • voice recognition
  • infrared barriers
  • laser barriers
  • microwave barriers