The design of power circuits focuses on techniques of high density, in order to limit the use of wound components and reactive components which, typically, are large.

By using high switching frequency architectures, together employing appropriate magnetic planar circuits and concentred capacity, you can reach very high levels of power density and integration.

Also, thanks to these techniques, you will get very high industrial reproducible circuits, built in a very inexpensive way.

The design may also include several sessions of multiphysics simulation, obtaining the electromagnetic and thermal rendering of an entire system.

The solutions implemented are common both to applications of power supply (such as industrial power systems), both to industrial automation applications (such as actuating devices for electric motors and control axes).

The design support is very wide and includes in particular the following applications:


  • AC/DC power supply with active PFC
  • high power density and parallelable modules
  • DC/DC converters for any application
  • drives for BLDC, brushed and stepper motors
  • drives for asynchronous motors
  • multi-axis drives for ROBOT (position, torque, force control)
  • DC/AC power inverters for solar energy conversion
  • control units for power parameters monitoring