On yachts and boats, electronic circuits are subjected to very intense functional and environmental stress.

The DC power supply is subject to wide fluctuations and are affected by numerous overshoot and undershoot; in addition the conditions of operation of an electronic circuit may be worsened by the intense vibrations and very extensive temperature variations.

The marine industry lacks legislation that regulates the operation of the circuits in terms of electrical and environmental issues; any precautions in the design and operation are directly managed by designers and manufacturers.

For this reason, in order to obtain products of excellent quality, the electronic circuits must be designed to operate up to very high voltages (availability of up to 150 VDC) and not to suffer damage at the hardware level for supply voltages still further (robustness 250 ~ 300 VDC).

The complexity of the circuit is always balanced in terms of quality and final cost.

The key element in this sector is the flexibility of custom design that includes every type of drive (electrical servo-motors and hydraulic pump).

In this industry the main applications are:


  • control units for DC hydraulic pumps up to 3 kW
  • gangways drive electronic unit
  • electronic control units for elevators, hangar, winches, doors
  • electronic control units for seats and retractable tables
  • electronic control units for hard-top of any size
  • control systems and automation services
  • complete systems for managing of LED lighting
  • LED underwater projectors controlled and full wireless powered
  • intrusion detection systems
  • bidirectional sealed remote controls