Electronic Engineering

Study Paglino was founded in 2002 with aim of offering expertise, creativity and efficiency according to a formula oriented to the business of new products

The professional activities include the hardware design of electronic circuits and development of software and fiemaware applications, as well as a range of services aimed at prototyping and design review.

All projects are started through the analysis of the specific requirements provided by the customer or by simple application ideas, until you get to the products to be placed on the market.

The skills are oriented and enriched through continuous technological evolution, as well as by the constant synergy with employees, partners and contractors.

The offering is  global and integrated, the main activities are:


1. Feasibility studies

2. Hardware Advanced Design

3. Low-Level Firmaware and Application Software development

4. Integration and System Debug

5. Industrialization Support and Intellectual Property

6. EMC testing support and circuit bugs fixing



384x147-made italy



Hardware Design

Study Paglino provides many years of experience and specific knowledge gained in the most important sectors of the electronics.

The ultimate goals are always configured and shared with the client and the various steps are constantly monitored and documented.

The development techniques are constantly updated and always enriched by the creative element, a fundamental ingredient for achieving maximum efficiency and effectiveness of any project, from the simplest to the most complex.

The resulting methodology enhances the added value in every detail in order to achieve the full satisfaction of both the customer, and team work.

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Ideation & Patents



In addition to the purely engineering skills, is also guaranteed an innovative contribution to the inventive and very often the most requests relating to application fields.



"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited....." (Albert Einstein)

"If T is the technology, then C is its exponent, creativity" (DP)


espacenetCreativity is the element which enriches every project, even the most trivial and simple, giving it a touch of originality and distinction in the marketplace.

Starting from the feasibility study, are started research on prior art (on the international database Espacenet) of any application and highlights the possible innovative aspects.

Very often the customer can register a patent for industrial invention.

Over the years it has acquired a significant experience in the preparation of the preliminary draft that is used as an interface to the law firms.